Chuck & Tammi Gates

Double Diamond Executives

Tammi is an “ambulance chaser,” an EMT, a former Flight Medic, CPR Instructor and C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) Member. Chuck is a very sincere person who has a genuine love of people. Both Chuck and Tammi are outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, hunting, and riding ATVs. They are 20 year professionals of the network marketing industry, having derived their sole and lucrative income by helping other people in Network Marketing. They love helping people reach their dreams.

Their ASEA Story

Chuck and Tammi Gates love their lifestyle. “All of our time is spare time,” says Tammi, “because with ASEA you can own your own life and your own schedule.” As long as they have their phones and laptops, they can go where they want to go.

For the Gates, that’s usually to the outdoors. They do a lot of camping, four-wheeling, and hunting. They also love to travel. And with three married kids and five grandkids, they’ve got places to go and people to see. Their family is now spread from Alaska to Arkansas to Arizona—about as far and wide as you can go. But because of what they do with ASEA, Chuck and Tammi have the time and money freedom to be with their loved ones on all the important occasions.

“ASEA has given us the vehicle; if we get in, stay in, and never quit, we have it made!”

- Tammi Gates

Tammi is a trained flight medic. Although she is not currently working in that field, she is heavily involved in disaster services. She teaches CPR, manages shelters for the Red Cross, and is a volunteer community response person. Both Chuck and Tammi are 20-year professionals of the network marketing industry, having derived their sole and lucrative income by helping other people. They love helping people reach their dreams.

“People in the network marketing industry have been looking for an opportunity like this all of their lives. And whether the world knows it or not, they have been looking for this product.”

- Chuck Gates

ASEA isn’t Chuck and Tammi’s first experience with network marketing. When they enrolled, they had already worked a business together for 18 years, something they had found after Chuck began looking for some health solutions. They loved working together and building something of their own, and they were successful enough to make it their sole income. But that company, unfortunately, began to lose vision and integrity. Chuck and Tammi were facing a bleak and frightening financial future.

That’s when they got a surprise call from their friend Deni Robinson, who had an offer for them. She immediately got them on a phone call with ASEA Diamond Executive Alan Noble. “Alan called us from Belfast, Ireland, and as he told us his story and the story of the company, we could hear the integrity, sincerity, and understanding in his voice.”

At that point, Chuck said to Tammi, “This guy alone is going to do this!” and he wanted in. “In this industry you don’t just join the company, you really join the people,” Chuck explains.

Still, when they first came into ASEA, Chuck and Tammi were in that scary financial spot. Then they met Verdis Norton. Tammi remembers, “He knew how afraid we were, and he just said, ‘It’s going to be OK, Tammi.’ He was right.”

Chuck and Tammi are network marketing mavens. They lead by example and are filled with words of wisdom. Tammi thinks that “connecting with other ASEA Associates and joining the team leader’s way of training” is one of the best secrets for success.

As for Chuck, he is just loving the ease of global communication that technology brings to his business. “It’s not like it used to be, buying cassettes, dubbing them yourself, mailing them out, and waiting four days until your contact receives the package,” he says. “Now I can just shoot a video over to somebody, and they have it before I even get out of my chair! What’s more, I know if they looked at it or not.”

And of course, the Gates are reaping all the health benefits of ASEA. After two years on the product, both Chuck and Tammi have realized that the positive health effects that they have felt go deeper, the longer that they are on it. And they have seen countless lives transformed and enhanced through ASEA. They know that the entire world is looking for this product and this opportunity; their chief goal is to help the ASEA family grow.